Our Team

Xyphos is committed to developing a flexible and controllable CAR-T cell therapy to provide patients with  a potential cancer cure. Our ACCEL technology enables the precise control of CAR-T cells based on any tumor-specific antibody, thereby providing a therapeutic platform that:

  1. Improves CAR-T safety and accesses new target space
  2. Prevents tumor recurrence by enabling target switching or multiplexing,
  3. Broadens potential indications through deployment of a convertibleCAR-T therapeutic

Backed by strong issued and pending patents, Xyphos is merging cellular and antibody therapeutics to achieve safety, efficacy and versatility – ultimately bringing promising therapies to cancer patients.

History of Xyphos

Xyphos was founded by David Martin and James Knighton who shared decades of experience in the research, development and commercialization of biotech-based human therapeutics within the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries and leading research institutions. James Knighton served as CEO until April 2021 and David Martin served as CSO until August 2021.