Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of the two co-founders David Martin and Jim Knighton and independent board member Mr. Kevin Cameron.

Kevin Cameron

Kevin brings a strong entrepreneurial, legal and transactional background. JD, University of Chicago; General Counsel for Moxidigital and North Pointe Communications; Co-founder and President of Glass, Lewis and Company, a significant worldwide shareholder services company.

James L. Knighton

MBA, Wharton School of Business, MS. Genetics, University of Pennsylvania; R&D, marketing and finance at the following companies: DuPont/DuPont Merck (1985-1994), Chiron (1994-1998), Sugen – CFO (1998-1999) and Caliper Life Sciences, President (1999-2004).

David W. Martin, MD

Duke Medical School; Professor of Medicine and Biochemistry, UCSF and Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute; SVP of R&D at Genentech (1982-1990); Executive VP of R&D at DuPont Merck (1991-1993); President, Chiron Therapeutics (1994-1995) and founder and CEO of Eos Biotechnology (1997-2003).